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Excellent instructor, very calm and relaxed which makes you feel the same.     

Thomas  Selkirk.


When I first started learning I was very nervous but Bobby kept reassuring me and built up my confidence.  He helped with my theory which I passed first time, then after lessons I passed my practical test also first time.  I regret not contacting him sooner as thanks to his patience and confidence in me I would not have gained my full driving licence. Thank you very much Bobby Clyne School of Motoring.  
Amy  Gala. 


Very patient and I would recommend Bobby to anyone wanting to learn to drive.  

Jemma   Gala.


Bobby stays calm and helps you calm down after a mistake, so you can carry on and avoid another mistake. Which really helps when you drive on your own.
This is true and has helped me when driving in Glasgow.

Andrew  T. Selkirk

I could not have done this without Bobby, whose help got me passed first time. I wish that I had done it quicker, can now have more freedom.
Laura Innerliethen.


Bobby was very patient and reassuring which had a calming effect, helping me to build my confidence to pass my test. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.
Claire Selkirk.


Bobby is an excellent instructor. Very patient and understanding. He is always calm which makes you feel calm. He is always reassuring which builds your confidence and is always happy to help with things like your theory test.
I would highly recomend Bobby to anyone who is wanting to pass their driving test.
Kelvin Selkirk


I would highly recommend Bobby, he keeps a relaxed mood in the car and is always willing to help if you are struggling with something. He works at your speed and will not rush you if you are not ready. 
Bruce  Selkirk 

Passed first time with Bobby! An excellent instructor who works at your pace and stays calm no matter what happens. I would highly recommend him.
Rebecca St Boswells


 Passed first time with Bobby Clyne School of Motoring, very professional service. Couldn't have got through it without his encouragement. Would definitely recommend him.
Laura Tweedbank


I can't recommend Bobby enough! I always looked forward to my lessons. Excited at the prospect of learning new things, at my own pace. Bobby never made you feel rushed or nervous about situations. He had a very calming vibe which I believe is key to teaching good driving. I really enjoyed my lessons with Bobby.
Rachael Yarrow

Bobby is  very patient and always stays calm. He is an excellent instructor and I would definitely recommend him.

Rachael Tweedbank


Bobby helped me hugely to remain calm and composed. he was very patient and reassuring whenever I made a fault, allowing me to gain more confidence in my driving. I would definitely recommend him to anyone else.
Gregor  Selkirk


Bobby is very calm which puts you at ease, works with you at your pace and doesn't rush you, has lot's of patience. would reommend Bobby to anyone thinking of learning to drive.
Rosemary Selkirk

He is a great teacher, made me relax and gave me my confidence back. I'd highly recommend him to anyone.
Iona Stow


When I started to learn to drive I took lessons with a nationwide driving school whom I will not name. The instructor was very critical of my driving but I did not know what to do as I was a complete beginner. So I stopped lessons from him. I looked for another instructor and found Bobby. Looking at his testimonial page I saw that there were very good comments, so gave him a call to arrange lessons.
He stays very calm, is very patient and explains what I had to do to correct my mistakes. Consequently I started to enjoy my driving again and I passed my test within a couple of months first time. I would highly recommend Bobby and to read his pupil's comments and choose him as your driving instructor.
 Abdulkader Gala


I just wanted to thankyou for helping me to pass my test. I enjoyed my time learning what I could and think you are a great driving instructor. You had a great deal of patience when having to face my continuous mistakes but with your help I overcame them and gained my full driving licence.
Natan Yarrow
I was previously with another instructor but I felt like I wasn't making any progress, so I got in touch with Bobby. He is a brilliant instructor. I felt very nervous to start with, but he helped me to stay calm and helped build my confidence. Really easy to talk to which made everything much better, and you get a laugh. Passed my test first time!!!! Choose Bobby!

Laura Galashiels.


Bobby is a great instructor, very calm and patient which allowed me to relax when I was learning to drive.

George Selkirk.


Hi. I wish to recommend lessons with Bobby Clyne Schoo of Motoring. I passed my test second time.

First time was my own fault, but even at the first attempt I was prepared enough. the test is quite easy because the examiner does not put you under any pressure so you can concentrate. Bobby is very patient, and always plans the lessons well. I appreciate how much work and time he gave me and a big THANK YOU is not enough.My driving licence will be with me for the rest of my life  I achieved it due to a great instructor. Dziekuje.

Anna Sz  Tweedbank.


Thank you so much Bobby for all your hard work and patience. You really had a challenge getting me through but we got there in the end. I am so happy.

Laura Selkirk

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